May 8-11, 2017

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Growing the Next Generation of OpenStack Contributors

The long-term vitality of OpenStack depends on a vibrant, thriving community of OpenStack contributors. A pipeline of new talent is critical to feeding this community with fresh energy and ideas. The OpenStack Foundation, with support from Intel, introduced an internship program at the OpenStack Summit in Barcelona that helped bring critical resources to the OpenStack Interop initiative—including the OpenStack Tempest project, Refstack and the Interop working group—as well as the OpenStack User Group and OpenStack Ambassador Program. Through this interactive session, we’ll hear from these interns about their experiences—knowledge gained and accomplishments achieved—in working hand-in-hand with the OpenStack Foundation. OpenStack Foundation team members, Chris Hoge and Tom Fifield, who directed the interns’ activities, will also share their insights and best practices in inspiring new talent and providing them with guidance.  Whether you’re new to the community looking to get started contributing to OpenStack, or searching for insights in mentoring new OpenStack contributors, this session is for you. Join us, and find out how you can get involved!

Thursday, May 11, 2:20pm-3:00pm
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Intel Corporation, Community and Developer Advocate
For over 20 years, Nicole Huesman has applied her aptitude in storytelling to the technology industry—helping shine a light on the importance and impact of the incredible feats of her engineering colleagues. She dove into the world of open source six years ago, and quickly became a strong advocate—from the embedded market (Yocto Project) to the cloud (OpenStack, KVM, Xen). She is... FULL PROFILE
GitLab, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, Security
Chris Hoge is a Senior Strategic Program Manager for the OpenStack Foundation. He's been an active contributor to the Interop Working Group (formerly DefCore), and helps run the trademark program for the OpenStack Foundation. He also works on collaborations between the OpenStack and Kubernetes communities. Previously he worked as an OpenStack community manager and developer at Puppet Labs, and... FULL PROFILE
*independent user - Unaffiliated
Computer Science student at Portland State University, Q/A and Interop Intern, community enthusiast FULL PROFILE
OpenStack Foundation
Since working on the infrastructure for flagship particle physics experiments, Tom has been passionate about large-scale distributed systems. He has worked alongside collaborators from dozens of countries to facilitate distributed computing design, reliable operations in minimal staff environments and interoperability between different technologies. After leading teams to deliver significant... FULL PROFILE
*independent user - Unaffiliated
Sonia joined the OpenStack Foundation in early 2017, working in the community management division. Her major projects involve overseeing the User Group process and facilitating the ambassador program.  FULL PROFILE