May 8-11, 2017

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OpenStack Journey: From Containers to Functions

Containers quickly rose in popularity among developers with driving portability, and have led to new micro-segmented software architectures (micro-services) providing agility for solving large distributed computing. But containers are facing the same problem - they require monitoring and management through their lifecycle. So what would be the next driving technology that would be able to overcome this problem? And, as community, we have an answer - serverless functions.
Serverless or FaaS (functions-as-a-service) architectures are one of the hottest trends in cloud computing this year, and for good reason. There are several technical capabilities and business factors coming together to make this approach very compelling from both an application development and deployment cost perspective. By breaking down monolithic applications into smaller services, you can develop, manage, and scale each service independently. FaaS takes this a step further by breaking things down even smaller.

Tuesday, May 9, 2:50pm-3:30pm (6:50pm - 7:30pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Heptio, inc., Solutions Architect
Ruben has been in the software industry over a decade working through all aspects of application and systems engineering. Back-end to front-end and everything in between. He has spent roughly the last half of those years tirelessly working on improving user experiences on different products and services. He currently works as a Solutions Architect for Heptio, inc.  Additionally, Ruben has... FULL PROFILE
Tyler has spent the last 15 years working with cloud, virtualization, and infrastructure technologies. Prior to joining Red Hat, Tyler was a Technical Advocate for Blue Box/IBM, Principal Technical Marketing Manager and a vSpecialist at EMC. He also worked as a technical consultant for a small infrastructure reseller, a network engineer for a Fortune 1000 company, and also freelanced as an IT... FULL PROFILE
Blue Box Group, an IBM company
Jason Kennedy is a Technical Advocate focused on IBM Blue Box. Prior to advocacy, he helped build the IBM Blue Box onboarding program, and is formerly a support engineer for Eucalyptus. He's involved in the local Cloud Foundry, Openstack & Google Developer Group meetups as an organizer.   FULL PROFILE
Staff Software Engineer
Myles is currently focused on how Functions as a Service (Serverless) can impact business agility, learning, and innovation. Specifically interested in FaaS, BaaS, and event-driven data pipelines. Previously, Software Engineer and Team Lead focused on the backend infrastructure required to deploy and operate hundreds of OpenStack clusters around the world for IBM Bluemix Private Cloud. FULL PROFILE