May 8-11, 2017

Event Details

Project Update - Heat

Join the Project Team Leader of Heat and core contributors for a “project update” reflecting current developments in the Pike cycle and discussion of future development activity.

We dig into major issues and user needs, and how those needs can be addressed in current and future development. We also discuss hot topics from the Project Teams Gathering, and major development decisions agreed by the team.

Get an in-depth look at the top features and enhancements Heat plans to deliver in the Pike release in August. Then look beyond Pike to the Queens and “R” releases to learn more about major development themes such as scalability, manageability, resiliency and user experience that the team intends to tackle in the long term.

Developers who are interested in contributing to this project are strongly encouraged to attend, as are users and product managers who want to know more about this project’s latest features, their value to users, and the development team’s roadmap.

Questions and discussion are encouraged from the audience, and this presentation will become part of OpenStack’s project navigator at


Monday, May 8, 5:30pm-6:10pm
Level: Intermediate
Tags: Heat
EasyStack, Software Engineer
Rico Lin,  Heat PTL in Rocky, Pike and Queens cycle Heat core member since Liberty, software engineer, EasyStack. co-rganizer for Taiwan OpenStack User Group. Experienced on OpenStack develop(infra and app), Cloud architect, Container(docker and k8s), community(contribute and event host), and customer tech consults and supports. Goals in OpenStack:* Leverage the... FULL PROFILE
Red Hat
I am one of the original developers of the OpenStack Orchestration (Heat) project and still a member of the core team. I served as the Heat PTL for the Juno cycle. I work full time on OpenStack for Red Hat, mostly on Heat and TripleO. Lately I've been thinking a lot about how we make make sure that OpenStack succeeds at providing a full cloud feature set, not just a better way to launch virtual... FULL PROFILE