May 8-11, 2017

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OVN: New Approaches to Scale and Performance

This is two talks in one. In the first talk, Han presents "Baker", a new approach used by eBay to combine OVN with Kubernetes API server to meet the scalability and availability goal in a large scale production environment, and how it is integrated with Neutron Security Group to achieve micro-segmentation. This allows OVN to scale beyond the limits of OVSDB as the centralized data store.

In the second talk, Jun presents a new high-performance datapath for OVN. OVN has many advantages than other virtual networking solutions given its great architecture thus performant/extensible/scale, and it becomes the best virtual networking solution if you want to use OVS with openstack. In this presentation, Jun will show how to deploy openstack/OVN with yet another high performance OVS datapath, and deep dive on technical solutions addressing OVS datapaths outstanding issues. Jun will also give a live demo for the integration and present some performance benchmarks.

Wednesday, May 10, 3:30pm-4:10pm (7:30pm - 8:10pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Advanced
Tags: Neutron
Founder of CloudNetEngine
Jun Xiao is the founder & CTO of CloudNetEngine which is focused on innovating next generation "engine" for cloud virtual networking. He has 15+ years experience in IT/Telco industries within companies: VMware, Huawei, Lucent and Sun Microsystem etc, and he has very solid system design experience ranging from low level device drivers, network stacks, to middleware software and distributed... FULL PROFILE
eBay Inc.
Han Zhou is an architect working on highly scalable and reliable SDN solutions for eBay's cloud infrastructure. He is an active contributor in OpenStack and OVS/OVN. Before eBay, he has been working in networking area for more than 10 years in Cisco and Nokia. FULL PROFILE