May 8-11, 2017

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Logging Working Group Working Session

The Logging WG working session will be used to discuss/hone requirements, user stories, specs, etc and plan work in this area for the Pike development cycle.

There is a lot of history in OpenStack around attempts to improve logging, and now finally, with a large enough install base, we have the manpower and focus to make this a reality.  *But* there is a lot of legwork to do to ensure consistency. scalability, etc.  And yet, there is a lot of low hanging fruit that can be immediately addressed, too.

This session will organize the community efforts, identify Pike priorities and gather leads for our various efforts.

The BCN etherpad (included link) has links to lots of log work history.  They should be used to inform this effort.

Wednesday, May 10, 1:50pm-2:30pm (5:50pm - 6:30pm UTC)
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I am an industry veteran, with experience spanning computer bring up to AI, networks, mobile compute, and embedded systems. But my attention always seems to return to close to the metal, large infrastructure. Starting out in EE as a systems engineer, I migrated to SW development then on to QA and SW Process. During the journey, I have analysed Space Shuttle launch communications, modelled... FULL PROFILE
Got me.  But, he'll fill it in when he gets this notice.  I hope FULL PROFILE
Kei Tokunaga is the manager of OpenStack and Linux development at Fujitsu.  He has been in the world of OSS since 2002.  He and his team have made many contributions to Linux, which were needed for enterprise and mission-critical companies such as government, stock exchange, banks, and so on.  He and his team are now also working on making OpenStack enterprise/mission-critical... FULL PROFILE