May 8-11, 2017

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Don't Fail at Scale: How to Plan for, Build, and Operate a Successful OpenStack Cloud

OpenStack is a unique set of cross-functional, fast-moving technologies that challenge the status quo in any IT organization.  It has been easy to read about and buy into the interweaving of compute, storage, and networking technologies in a single platform.  Despite such amazing promise and technology, technology is littered with companies who have tried and failed to deliver a successful, scaleable, supportable OpenStack cloud to their customers.

Architects and IT teams tasked with designing and deploying OpenStack clouds could face multiple challenges that impact the result of a successful deployment.  We will discuss what you need to consider before, during, and after an OpenStack cloud deployment that will help make it successful and meet business and IT needs of any organization.

What can I expect to learn?

Anyone planning for, building, scaling or operating an OpenStack cloud who has had challenges and successes in the past.

Tuesday, May 9, 2:50pm-3:30pm (6:50pm - 7:30pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Manager, OpenStack Solution Architecture
Dave Costakos is currently responsible for OpenStack strategic customer engagement in North America for Red Hat.  His main goal is to help customers leverage Red Hat OpenStack to solve business problems. Dave has been on the front lines of Enterprise IT for over 15 years working as a developer, administrator, manager and architect in some of the largest and most innovative organizations in... FULL PROFILE
Red Hat, Distinguished Architect
Julio Villarreal Pelegrino is a Technologist and Enterprise Architect with over eighteen (18) years of experience in the Software and IT Industry. Currently, Julio serves as a Distinguished Architect for Cloud and Infrastructure at the Global Services Office of Technology, providing open-source technology solutions to customers.  In this role,  Julio helps customers to define their digital... FULL PROFILE