May 8-11, 2017

Event Details

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Participating in Translation Makes You an Internationalized OpenStacker and Developer

Are you afraid to be involved in OpenStack community? Are you still hesitating to be an OpenStacker as you might think it’s too difficult for you to be a code contributor? Here is an opportunity for you to be an OpenStacker RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE.

You can start as an I18n translator if you 1) are comfortable with your native language and 2) have passion for localization. We have hands-on demonstrations and guidance on how to be a translator for your native language.

By starting your contributor path with I18n team, you will not only just contribute to translations, but also deal with translation bugs and bugs from original source strings, and get more knowledge on your favorite OpenStack official projects which support translation.

We are sure that starting your contributions from and with translation will make you an internationalized OpenStacker and developer.

What can I expect to learn?

The talk targets the people:

- who really would like to participate in translation

- who already found some original text/terms/expressions bugs and want to fix them

- who would like to report translation bugs via OpenStack Launchpad

- who want to know how to mingle translation and OpenStack projects development

- who will be an internationalized developer with I18n support

Thursday, May 11, 1:30pm-2:10pm (5:30pm - 6:10pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Beginner
ELCA Cloud Services
Jean-Francois is an experienced cloud architect and devops who works at Osones, a Paris based french company of cloud experts. Osones accompany his customers, large enterprises and government agencies, in design and deployment of OpenStack private clouds and cloud-ready applications. Jean-Francois has been involved for two years in a major french ministry private cloud project as an OpenStack... FULL PROFILE
Deutsche Telekom AG
Frank Kloeker works at Deutsche Telekom as a Technology Manager for cloud applications. He is experienced in Cloud for 10 years, IT for 24 years and 34 years for Operations. His active time in OpenStack Community began in 2015. He is one of active German translators in OpenStack I18n team, and also he contributes I18n toolings with Puppet/Ansible  scripts for translation platform upgrade... FULL PROFILE
Microsoft, Developer Product Marketing Manager
Ian Y. Choi has development backgrounds with Computer Science and he is now working at Microsoft as developer product marketing manager based in Korea. He started his contributions in OpenStack Internationalization (I18n) in 2014. His interests in OpenStack evolved to many OpenStack projects including I18n and Documentation, and he has become a core reviewer on the two official project... FULL PROFILE