May 8-11, 2017

Event Details

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Turbo Charged VNFs at 40 gbit/s. Approaches to Deliver Fast, Low Latency Networking Using OpenStack

High-speed networking, beyond 10 gig in OpenStack is still a very challenging area. OpenStack has 3 possible approaches:  SR-IOV, DPDK enabled virtual switch, or offload via intelligent network adapters. SR-IOV while offering high throughput and low latency, limits advanced features such as VXLAN and MPLS based segmentation, security groups and live migration. DPDK based approaches support live migration, VXLAN and MPLS based segmentation and security groups but require significant host resources in order to
process the packets. Intelligent network adapters offer best of both worlds, fast throughput and advanced features while using minimal host resources.

This presentation will detail advantages and disadvantages of various approaches. We will describe our experience in working with Netronome to integrate Agilio SmartNic with OpenContrail and Mirantis OpenStack, provide comparative benchmarks between vRouter DPDK and Agilio and show a quick demo.

What can I expect to learn?

Attendees will learn how to build OpenStack networks to deliver 40-gigabit performance, advantages and disadvantages of various high-speed approaches and how to integrate Agilio into OpenStack and Open Contrail and 

Monday, May 8, 12:05pm-12:15pm (4:05pm - 4:15pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Juniper Networks, Community Director
Gregory Elkinbard is Director of Community at Juniper, where he is responsible for creating a robust multi user community around OpenContrail and integrating OpenContrail with other community efforts such as OpenStack, OPNFV, ONAP and Kubernetes. FULL PROFILE
Abhijeet Prabhune joined the Netronome marketing team as Sr. Director of Software Products and Solutions in 2016. Abhijeet is responsible for creating complete solutions and go-to-market plans needed for the private cloud and enterprise data center markets. Abhijeet has over 16+ years of work experience. He held software engineering positions at Ciena and IP Infusion, Inc. as well... FULL PROFILE