May 8-11, 2017

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Neutron Port Binding and Impact of Unbound Ports on DVR Routers with FloatingIP

The Distributed Virtual Routers ("DVR") implementation in Neutron heavily depends on Neutron port binding to identify the DVR service virtual ports to effectively configure routers on host and to route traffic both on East-West and North-South.

Some of the advanced features such as Allowed_address_Pairs that are extensively used in the case of VRRP scenarios have direct impact on the distributed nature of the ports that are bound/unbound with Floating IPs.

This session will focus on the basics of Port binding with DVR routers and design considerations for use of unbound Allowed_Address_Pair ports with respect to the DVR routers to achieve the respective use cases (especially VRRP applications)

This session will also target the relationship between the FIP and the bound/unbound ports and the placement of the FloatingIP functionality on the host nodes based on the bound/unbound nature of the associated ports.


What can I expect to learn?

The attendees would expect to know the port-binding details in Distributed Virtual Router.

How port-binding determines the scheduling logic for the instances that are connected to the Distributed Virtual Routers network.

How unbound ports that are inactive are handled today.

How unbound ports that are active and distributed but associated with FloatingIP will be handled in Octavia/Pike.

Wednesday, May 10, 3:30pm-4:10pm (7:30pm - 8:10pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Software Engineer Senior
Swaminathan Vasudevan is an active technical contributor, contributing code to core neutron for the last 6 years and currently working for SUSE. I started my journey with OpenStack during the Havana cycle and have contributed features such as IPsec VPN and Distributed Virtual Routers, Networking-vSphere to Neutron. Swaminathan Vasudevan has over 22+ years of experience in Information Technology... FULL PROFILE
Brian Haley is a core contributor to OpenStack Neutron, primarily focused in the L3 and DVR areas, but has particular interests in both IPv6 and cloud security.  He has been working on OpenStack since 2011, first on Nova Networking and later on Neutron.  His background is in kernel networking, both UNIX and Linux, mainly focusing on performance, scalability and IPv6 features over the... FULL PROFILE