May 8-11, 2017

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Introduction to OpenStack Load Balancing

This will be an introductory level session covering Octavia and load balancing in OpenStack.  We will cover load balancing use cases, the OpenStack load balancing model, load balancing providers (drivers), the API, CLI, and horizon dashboard.  The session will start with basic load balancing concepts and work our way up to advanced topics such as TLS offloading and layer 7 load balancing.

Attendees will come away with the ability to use the network load balancing capabilities in OpenStack.

What can I expect to learn?

This is an introduction to network load balancing in OpenStack.  Attendees will come away with a basic understanding of how to use load balancers in OpenStack.

Topics will cover:

What is network load balancing?

What are some use cases for using load balancing?

The OpenStack load balancing model:

          Load balancers



          Health Monitors


Load balancing providers (drivers).

The load balancing Application Programming Interface (API).

The load balancing Command Line Interface (CLI).

The horizon dashboard for load balancing.

Session persistence.

TLS offloading.

Layer 7 load balancing.

Tuesday, May 9, 4:40pm-5:20pm (8:40pm - 9:20pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Beginner
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German Eichberger is a Software Engineer with Rackspace and a core reviewer on OpenStack Octavia and Neutron FWaaS. Most recently he has been involved in Rackspace's new Managed Kubernetes offering. He earned a Master in Computer Science from University of Karlsruhe. His interests are Cloud, SDN, and Microservices. FULL PROFILE
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Adam is a founding member and core reviewer for OpenStack Octavia, and has been involved with LBaaS in OpenStack for almost three years. He is passionate about computers, home automation, cars, food, travel, and the Oxford comma. FULL PROFILE