May 8-11, 2017

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Collaboration of OpenStack Blazar and OPNFV Promise for Meeting NFV Resource Management Requirements

While cloud allows users to provision resources on-demand and gives an illusion of unlimited capacity, in reality the underlying resources are limited and require resource sharing which could cause inefficient cloud operation. This is especially important for NFV clouds, where service degradation may occur if additional resources are not available adjacent to the resources for a network service that may experience expected or unexpected spike in traffic.

OPNFV Promise project was initiated to solve this problem by introducing resource reservation for future usage. Since OpenStack is considered to be the defacto VIM for NFV, OPNFV Promise team is collaborating with OpenStack Blazar project and Product Working Group to address this issue.

This session will aim to provide an overview of how Promise and Blazar address the following

  • Accept future resource usage requests
  • Provide guaranteed access to reserved resources
  • Manage resource usage conflicts

What can I expect to learn?

In this session, attendees can learn why resource reservation is important, not only for NFV workloads but for general cloud operators. We will provide details on the results of collaboration between OPNFV Promise and OpenStack Blazar project teams which includes the following:

Generalized user story for capacity management for cloud providers & operators (via OpenStack PWG)

  • Gap analysis between this user story and *real* OpenStack features
  • Collaboration to update OpenStack Blazar code

Since NFV is just one use case for OpenStack, OPNFV Promise team has agreed to expand the scope to generalize the requirements while developing the user story in collaboration with Blazar team. Attendees can learn how Promise project has translated its specific requirements to generalized OpenStack requirements and how they are being addressed by the community.

Wednesday, May 10, 11:00am-11:40am (3:00pm - 3:40pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
LINE, Senior Software Engineer
Masahito Muroi is a senior software enginer in LINE. He is in charge of developing LINE's private clouds, which is developed on OpenStack and accomodates over 1,000 HV and 20,000 VMs for production use.  He is a member of core developers in OpenStack Blazar project and OpenStack Congress project. He ran Blazar PTL Ocata cycle to Rocky cycle.  He is involved in cloud technology area... FULL PROFILE
DOCOMO Communication Laboratories Europe GmbH, Manager
Gerald is a manager in DOCOMO Euro-Labs' standardization team which is active in the areas of 5th Generation Mobile Networks (5G) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV). In the latter topic, Gerald is participating in ETSI ISG NFV, OPNFV Doctor (Fault Management), OPNFV Promise (Resource Reservation), and OpenStack Blazar (Reservation as a Service). Gerald is also a member of the Linux... FULL PROFILE
Chief Technologist, NFV
Arun Thulasi is the Chief Technologist for Vertical Solutions in the Network Functions Virtualization Business Unit at HP. His responsibilities include defining, building and delivering NFV solutions bringing together technologies that form building blocks of a Next-Gen network (Cloud Operating Systems, SDN, Orchestration etc) into consumable, production-ready... FULL PROFILE