May 8-11, 2017

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MOC Simple GUI: An "And" to OpenStack Horizon

The Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC) needs a simple intuitive GUI for its public cloud marketplace. Our goal is to provide a tool to enhance the user experience by automating mundane but complicated steps to use cloud resources.

OpenStack Horizon is inadequate to serve naive users who lack basic cloud knowledge and to whom the cloud is simply a tool to get computing results for their scientific research. This new GUI serves to be a simpler tool streamlining the cloud experience. It can be used by itself or alongside Horizon. Developing a new GUI from scratch can be both time-consuming and challenging. A collaboration with the Cyverse’s Atmosphere/Troposphere project has helped accelerate the development of the MOC Simple GUI. 

An overview of the design of the MOC simple GUI will be presented. The divergence from the upstream Atmosphere/Troposphere design to enhance security, and allow interoperability with Horizon will be discussed.

What can I expect to learn?
  • complication of graphical interface design/development of public cloud marketplace and 
  • components of MOC Simple GUI: already available Django apps; relevant Python library such as libcloud and Rtwo
Monday, May 8, 3:40pm-4:20pm (7:40pm - 8:20pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Software Engineer at Massachusetts Open Cloud
Hang is currently working as a software engineer at Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC). He focuses on developing a simplified graphical user interface for MOC, which could be an "AND" dashboard for users to use besides the horizon dashboard.  FULL PROFILE
Senior software engineer
Currently, I am a Sr. Software Engineer working for the Massachuettes Open Cloud (MOC).  The MOC is a collaboration of reseach groups from Harvard, MIT, Boston University, Northeastern University, University of Massachuettes and industry partners.  Pior to working at the MOC, I have worked in industry and academia as a software engineer for many years. FULL PROFILE
CyVerse, Senior Software Engineer
  Steve is a senior software engineer at CyVerse, working as a full-stack developer to create a multi-cloud API and GUI, also known as Atmosphere and Troposphere. FULL PROFILE