May 8-11, 2017

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ODL/OpenContrail Integration with OpenStack: The Pain, the Gain, and the Lessons Learned

OpenStack without SDN Controller is like life without Tapas (You would understand if you’ve been to Boston).

In the dreamland everything works seamlessly. You want ODL to sing with your OpenStack or you would like to see OpenContrail dance with it, your choice, it will just work. But (we know you’ve been in the industry long enough to expect there is a catch), you have to take up the daunting journey of “integration”, which is not as pleasant and straight forward as one might think.

In this presentation, we’ll detail steps to integrate SDN Controller with your OpenStack, what are challenges and how we solved them.

Ask us your questions, share your comments and let us help share the story of our journey with those who are undertaking it now to make it easier for them what was a rather an “interesting” experience.

Leave the session on a high note of believing that we’ll make your OpenStack sing and dance with your choice of SDN Controller (ODL or OpenContrail). 

Monday, May 8, 4:40pm-5:20pm
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Tags: Neutron
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Syed is Strategic Product Manager (SPM) for Ericsson OpenStack Offering, Cloud Execution Environment (CEE). Syed’s career started under Nortel’s prestigious New Graduate Leadership Program (NGLP) reserved for high potential future leader. That program exposed him to different technologies and roles and responsibilities. When Syed moved to Ericsson he continued to evolve his... FULL PROFILE
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