May 8-11, 2017

Event Details

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Point and Click ->CI/CD: A Real World Look at Better OpenStack Deployment, Sustainability, and Upgrades!

The journey from a static, monolithic, GUI driven OpenStack cloud deployment methodology to a more modular, developer oriented, CI/CD driven deployment methodology can be quite challenging. But the benefits this change in approach brings, which include continuous, agile updates and uninterrupted service upgrades, far outweigh the resources, time, and training to effectively transition from one approach to the other. A CI/CD driven methodology also strategically aligns the deployment mechanisms for the next generation of containerizing the OpenStack control plane!

This session is includes the perspective of the AT&T Entertainment Group, which is using OpenStack at production scale.

What can I expect to learn?

Attendees will learn:

  • The differences between a "traditional" OpenStack deployment using the Fuel project and the containerized OpenStack cloud methodology
  • When to use the Fuel approach
  • When the containerized approach is more appropriate
  • How companies adapt to changes in resources and training required between the two methods of deployment as one depends on Cobbler and Puppet and the other depends on MaaS and Salt.
  • AEG’s perspective on how the transition from one method to the other has benefitted the company
  • Methods for taking the modular services approach to the next level
Tuesday, May 9, 4:40pm-5:20pm (8:40pm - 9:20pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Advanced
Bruce has been a Senior Solutions Architect in the computer industry for almost forty years, working at Information International, Inc., Symbolics, Inc. Prime Computers, Inc., Computervision, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard, and now Mirantis. During his career, Bruce has provided integration services, application development, and large scale deployments for major corporate initiatives at... FULL PROFILE
Amit Tank is a Sr. Principal Cloud Architect with AT&T Entertainment Group. He helps define and lead the Cloud strategy and manages a team of architects and engineers designing and building large scale cloud infrastructure, and cloud-native applications. Thru past 16 years of career, he has held roles as a Product architect, Technical lead, Sr Manager, and Software Design Eng. in Storage,... FULL PROFILE
Sr. Solutions Architect
Ryan Day moved to Silicon Valley from Nebraska at nineteen-years-old. With his passion for technology, the locale immediately felt like home. And, with a constant hunger to learn and acquire a 'very particular set of skills', Ryan has since held a variety of technical and leadership roles leading up to his joining Mirantis in 2015. In his role as Field CTO of Platform, Ryan works globally... FULL PROFILE