April 25-29, 2016

Speaker Details

Anthony Rees
Cloud Consultant

Anthony is a member of the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Helion Cloud Team based in Melbourne, Australia with a background in agile application development.  Anthony has over fifteen years’ experience in software design, architecture, cloud solutions and development activities.  During this time he has utilized his customer relations skills as a support to major organizations in the Banking, Finance, Telecommunications and Technology industries in many countries. 

 Anthony has a keen interest and vast experience in Continuous Delivery working with many teams around the world to implement Test Driven Development techniques, Feature Toggling best practices, late binding Platform as a Service designs to hybrid clouds, Build Automation and leveraging DevOPS methodologies on OpenStack environments.

He is a regular speaker at conferences and hackathons around the world.  You can also follow him on Twitter or watch his videos on his YouTube Channel.