April 25-29, 2016

Speaker Details

Jaesuk Ahn
SK Telecom

Jaesuk Ahn have received the Ph.D. from University of Texas at Austin in 2009. Upon the graduation, he joined Korea Telecom, and led a development team to develop openstack-based cloud platform for KT's private cloud till 2014. He joined a venture company called cloud4u at 2014 working at developing cloud tools to design, orchestrate, monitor systems on cloud environment. He, then, joined at SK Telecom, working on various development projects in SDDC area. Especially, he led SKT's effort to develop containerized OpenStack solution on top of Kubernetes. He worked with AT&T to launch Airship project, and his team built production OpenStack in SKT's LTE environment. He is currently leading a team building Kubernetes-based hybrid cloud and app modernization solution for enterprise market. He has also been involved in openstack community from early stage. he founded OpenStack Korea User group at 2011, since then, he has been doing various activities to promote OpenStack in Korea.