April 25-29, 2016

Speaker Details

Lyle Winton
Deputy Director NeCTAR Research Cloud
Lyle is the Deputy Director overseeing the NeCTAR program of research cloud operations and development projects. His role involves working across the Australian research cloud partners to aid in the governance, coordination and management of a program to increase operations and improve the NeCTAR cloud. An important aspect of this role is engaging with Australia’s technical leadership across the 8 NeCTAR cloud partners and within the wider eResearch and research communities. Lyle's career in the research sector has spanned a variety of roles including research management, institutional e-research director at Victoria University, e-research analyst with the Victorian eResearch Strategic Initiative and the eScholarship Research Centre, and with a research background is in experimental high energy physics and distributed computing, involving large-scale international collaborations. Lyle’s professional background is in the IT areas of software design, implementation and infrastructure development.