April 25-29, 2016

Speaker Details

Rochelle Grober
Architect, Quality and Operations for Open Source

I am an industry veteran, with experience spanning computer bring up to AI, networks, mobile compute, and embedded systems. But my attention always seems to return to close to the metal, large infrastructure. Starting out in EE as a systems engineer, I migrated to SW development then on to QA and SW Process. During the journey, I have analysed Space Shuttle launch communications, modelled complex space systems. I have tested compilers, debuggers and visualization tools for a SIMD system and done software bringup for a SPARC based, multiprocessor mainframe. I have managed teams supporting software release, compute farms for chip design, and QA and escalation for mobile embedded compute systems and location based apps on mobile phones.  Ensuring all of these were successes is why I am a champion for operations, interoperability, quality, reliability and usability.  They all go hand-in-hand in creating success.

As for Open Source, I have been aware and peripherally involved in Open Source since the original creation of Copy Left, but am finally fully immersed in it now, as an OpenStack resource within OpenStack and Huawei. I have learned through my endeavors that my skillset is best applied once a certain level of maturity has been achieved in a project. My abilities are a great fit for where OpennStack is now and where we can take it. 

Most importantly, I meld a passion for quality performance with a pragmatism gained in the real world.

Projects/Work Groups: DefCore, Refstack, Product Work Group, Logging Work Group, Women of OpenStack, Diversity Work Group ,and (soon to be) Stable project(plus I hang out in Infra, collaborate with Oslo, follow the TC, Ops and Dev MLs)