April 25-29, 2016

Speaker Details

Mark Balch
VP Products, Diamanti

Mark has focused on IT orchestration for deploying and managing applications and infrastructure for most of his 20-year career.  Mark began his career as a development engineer in digital media, storage, and networking industries, where he helped define standards within industry groups including ATSC and SMPTE.  As a product manager, Mark was responsible for the Opsware Server Automation product line, ultimately acquired by Hewlett Packard, to help developers and adminstrators more accurately deploy software across heterogeneous platforms.  At Cisco, Mark led the software and solutions business for the Unified Computing System (UCS).  His team launched UCS Director automation software, Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite, and the UCS software ecosystem including IT operations products and applications including data analytics and transaction processing.

Mark is now the Vice President of Products for Diamanti, focused on purpose-built infrastructure for containerized, cloud-native applications.  Mark represents his company in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Outside of work, Mark enjoys building and flying RC aircraft, home remodeling, cabinetry construction, cooking, skiing, hiking, biking, and traveling with his family.