April 25-29, 2016

Speaker Details

Joe D'Andrea
Red Hat, Cloud Architect

Joe is a Cloud Architect with Red Hat's North American Solutions and Technology Practice, where he helps customers implement their OpenShift infrastructure and advocates for Red Hat's OpenShift migration and modernization efforts.

Previously, Joe held a number of roles at AT&T for fifteen years, most recently in Cloud Strategy, Architecture, and Innovation at AT&T Labs Research, focusing on cloud computing infrastructure and OpenStack. He also helped research, deploy, and promote a number of web, search, and content management technologies in conjunction with the then-brand-new In addition, Joe's participation in the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative led to his focusing on evaluation and repair tools. 

At AT&T Labs - Research, Joe helped implement a variety of benchmarks and tests for AT&T VoiceTone(SM). Back at, he then created and led the AT&T Web Standards Initiative, curating and advocating for the adoption of “environmentally responsible” web development practices across the AT&T internet and intranet.

During an interim eight years, Joe developed native mobile applications for the travel, financial, and metallurgical industries.

Joe received his B.E. in computer engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology.