April 25-29, 2016

Speaker Details

Daniel Izquierdo

Daniel Izquierdo is co-founder of Bitergia [1], a start-up focused on providing metrics and consultancy about OSS and InnerSource projects. His main OpenStack interests are the community itself, trying to help community managers, organizations and developers to better understand how the overall project is performing. He is also developer of the GrimoireLab toolset [2], a CHAOSS project, that provides software development analytics about OSS and InnerSource communities.

He has contributed to several  dashboards such as StarlingX, KataContainers, Wikimedia, or Mozilla. He has also participated as speaker giving details about gender diversity in OpenStack project teams or the Linux Kernel, and in other conferences such as OSCON, Open Source Summit or FOSDEM.

He is an active member of CHAOSS and  the InnerSource Commons bringing OSS development practices into large corporations.