April 25-29, 2016

Speaker Details

John Griffith
Principal Engineer at NetApp

John Griffith, Principal Software Engineer at SolidFire now a part of NetApp, helped to create the Cinder project in OpenStack.  His primary responsibilities over the last several years have been as a technical contributor to OpenStack.  He served as Technical Lead for the Block Storage Project since it's beginning through the Juno release, and has also held elected seats on the OpenStack Technical Committee over the years.

John has over fifteen years of engineering experience in both hardware and software engineering.  He’s been an active user and contributor to open source for close to a decade, and has been involved in OpenStack since January of 2011, currently an active contributor to OpenStack as well as Container projects.

In addition to his technical contributions, John also spends a lot of his time talking to people who are interested in learning about OpenStack and Containers as well as gathering feedback from current users.