April 25-29, 2016

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John Davidge

John leads development of the Networking Guide in the OpenStack Manuals project, and serves as the Documentation Lieutenant for Neutron. He works at Rackspace, where he's a member of the OpenStack Innovation Center (OSIC). He has been an active member of the OpenStack community since joining Lew Tucker's Cloud CTO group at Cisco in 2012. John's first major contribution to the OpenStack community was as part of the team that developed the Curvature Interactive Network Visualization Dashboard, which was presented at the Grizzly Summit in Portland, and forms the basis of the Network Visualization panel found in Horizon today. Since then, John has contributed to a number of OpenStack projects, focusing in recent years on IPv6 and L3 networking in Neutron. He lives with his wife-to-be in the English countryside near London, where they are preparing for the arrival of a Golden Retriever and a Tesla Model 3 with equal enthusiasm.