April 25-29, 2016

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And Now For Our Regularly Scheduled OpenStack Roadmap Update!

OpenStack continues to grow the number of projects in the Big Tent, and each Project is developing at a rapid pace. Whether you're an OpenStack Operator, Vendor, Contributor or Market Watcher, how do you keep up with this? That's where we come in! The OpenStack Product Work Group strives to work across our community to create a condensed, simplified set of roadmaps of the capabilities you can expect in the upcoming project releases.

In this session we'll present our findings across the different projects in an effort to give users a glimpse into OpenStack's upcoming capabilities. The roadmaps presented will span multiple releases and strive to unify the future direction of the individual projects on a per release basis. The findings are collected through direct interviews with the PTLs and condensed into an easy to consume format. You could try and track down what's coming through dozens of etherpads, hundreds of blueprints and spend your days living in IRC. Or you could come to our session. Consider it your ticket to seeing a glimpse into OpenStack's future.

The proliferation of Projects within the OpenStack community combined with ever increasing capabilities focused on addressing the needs of Markets and Operators is a good thing. But for someone looking to deploy an OpenStack Cloud, or define their update plan or even understand where they best can contribute, this can be a challenge. We are working to address this need through the creation and discussion of cross-community condensed, simplified roadmaps that outline what you can expect in the upcoming project releases (yes, this is multi-release!).

What can I expect to learn?

Session attendees should come away with an understanding of new capabilities and focus areas for key OpenStack projects. As well as how features will be implemented in the upcoming releases (2-3) to achieve that capability. Attendees will learn how new capabilities are organized by viewpoint (Project, Release, Theme)providing different levels of detail to meet the need of the attendee. Further they will learn where this info is stored for future reference and how to get unmet needs into the Community discussion.

Tuesday, April 26, 3:40pm-4:20pm (8:40pm - 9:20pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Mine, Independent
Carol is a 30+ yr high tech veteran, currently working within the Open Source Technology Center at Intel Corporation. She has broad software development experience ranging from weapon control systems on submarines to web based kids games to data center applications. She’s held many roles in her career including: Software Engineer, Engineering Manager, Business Development, Technology... FULL PROFILE
Nate works within the OpenStack Community and with IBM Cloud development teams on upstream contributions required by our clients and cloud services. FULL PROFILE
Aptira Pty Ltd, Principal Consultant
Hugh is a long time contributor to Free and Open Source software and hardware having started his journey in this space in the late '90s with Slackware on an old PC and never looked back.  He has written Linux kernel drivers, standalone FOSS projects, developed and written about Open Hardware at small scale (Arduino - and large scale (the Open Compute... FULL PROFILE