April 25-29, 2016

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App Development in a Dockerized Universe

As our development projects grew, and our team more distributed, we needed a better way to onboard new developers, consistently deploy new environments, and predictably test subcomponents.

To solve our requirements, we turned to containers in order to manage each component and orchestrate the full application stack. Although there is a moderate learning curve for new team members, these tools have given us a huge benefit in lowering the level of effort for each development iteration, vastly increased reproducibility, and have radically simplified the ease in product installation.

In this session, we will walk attendees through our development and deployment lifecycle using Docker containers deployed into an OpenStack cloud. We will describe how each stage has been improved, the challenges we encountered, and the solutions that we’ve implemented.

What can I expect to learn?

Developers will be learn methods for using containers as part of their daily coding efforts. We will review methods for:

  • feature branches, snapshots, and releases
  • local container and image management
  • working inside containers
  • managing version bumps and image builds
  • continuous integration/continuous delivery
  • version bumping (catch-22)
Thursday, April 28, 5:00pm-5:40pm (10:00pm - 10:40pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Luke Heidecke works at Solinea, Inc. to drive OpenStack and Cloud adoption for large enterprise customers. He focuses on infrastructure automation, monitoring, and management of large distributed systems. FULL PROFILE
John Stanford has been a member in the computing community for 25 years. His first industry job involved cycling TK50s with PDP-11 backups and making video game walls dematerialize when the boss got stuck.   John has a broad, hands-on background in clouds, software development, systems, networks, storage, and database management, combined with a career-long focus on operational... FULL PROFILE