April 25-29, 2016

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Hands On to Configure Your Cloud to Be Able to Charge Your Users Using Official OpenStack Components!

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Selling the services provided by a Cloud is one of the essential aspect of the life of a Cloud Provider (both Public or Private). Thus being able to define the various prices and policies that needs to be apply needs to be done using some components at the root of the infrastructure.

In this workshop you'll have the chance to learn how access the new way to handle metrics in an OpenStack Cloud but also to use them for your pricing rules. and ONLY using some official components !

This hands-on (you need to bring your laptop) will tackle the following aspects :

  • reminder of gnocchi and cloudkitty
  • installation of gnocchi
  • installation of cloudkitty
  • configure cloudkitty to use gnocchi
  • define a standard pricing policy using horizon

What can I expect to learn?

Installation and configuration of gnocchi and cloudkitty.

Monday, April 25, 2:00pm-3:30pm (7:00pm - 8:30pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Objectif Libre
My Name is Christophe Sauthier, a french guy living in the nice city of Toulouse. Living with my wife and father of 2 beautiful small guys (of course), I am also CEO of a company that I have funded 7 years ago Objectif Libre that only deals with Cloud Infrastructure. I am cloudkitty's PTL for Ocata and Pike cycles. I have been really involved in the Ubuntu community, being a developper... FULL PROFILE
Hi, my name is Stéphane Albert, a french guy living in Toulouse. My main task is to bring CloudKitty to life to add reporting and pricing with Ceilometer metrics in OpenStack. My main interests are Python, OpenStack (how surprising ;)), networking and Open Source software. When I'm not at my computer I repair arcade systems and hack on electronics. FULL PROFILE
Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat
Julien is a Free Software hacker since 1998. He works as a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, daily improving OpenStack, a project he has been working on since 2011. He leads the OpenStack Telemetry project as its PTL and contribute to common OpenStack code in Oslo. He seated at the OpenStack Technical Committee in 2013. FULL PROFILE
Chief Cloud Architect at Nubeliu
Maximiliano has over eight years of experience in the implementation and management of Cloud environments, specializing in distributed storage architectures.For four years he was the Cloud Services Technical leader, where he was responsible for the design and implementation of the private cloud. His area of expertise created 1.5PB of distributed storage which connected to over 2 thousand... FULL PROFILE
Presales openstack
Brice is passionated by open source for over 15 years. His atypical entrepreneurial career for 5 years followed by work-linked training during the same time demonstrate its tenacity and its high adaptability. His fluency oral as the writing is a strong asset to convince His past experiences allowed him to acquire solid technical skills in the field of free software-based... FULL PROFILE