April 25-29, 2016

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Orchestrating Tasks with Mistral Workflow Service

If you have a lot of tasks/processes running in your environment then task orchestration becomes a huge task itself. Most of complicated processes consist of lots of steps, which should be executed in particular sequence and with pre-conditions. Such steps may be time consuming and difficult to manage manually.

Mistral can automate such orchestration of computational steps and provide fault tolerances, scalability, state management, correct execution order, parallelism and synchronization as well as monitoring capabilities that allow to observe state of running processes (workflows in Mistral terminology).

In today world, cloud provides lots of services and operator or administrator needs to manually manage the day to day tasks on those services. For example:

* Scheduled periodic backups of VMs or volumes. 
* Management of VM migration, evacuation etc. 
* Long-living chains of administrative actions 
* Managing infrastructure at scale

In this session I would like to tell about Mistral Workflow Service and its use cases.

What can I expect to learn?

Attendees are expected to learn the following topics: 

1) What is Mistral in a nutshell 
2) Mistral features 
3) How Mistral can help me solve real life problems 
4) Why Mistral based automation wins comparing to regular scripting 
5) Place of Mistral in OpenStack ecosystem


Monday, April 25, 2:50pm-3:30pm (7:50pm - 8:30pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Senior Software Engineer
Senior Software Engineer at Nokia. For the last 3.5 years he's been mostly working on Mistral Workflow Service for OpenStack. Since the very beginning of the project he’s been actively contributing in both architecture design and implementation. He’s also been working as a community lead and presenting the project publicly. FULL PROFILE