April 25-29, 2016

Event Details

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Cephfs as a Service with OpenStack Manila

Ceph is a popular storage backend for OpenStack deployments, in use for block devices via RBD/Cinder and for object storage with RGW. Ceph also includes a filesystem, CephFS which is suitable for integration with Manila, the OpenStack shared filesystem service.

This presentation introduces the new CephFS Native driver for Manila, describing its the implementation of the driver, and how to deploy and use it. Areas of particular interest for Ceph users will include how CephFS snapshots map to Manila's snapshot API, how Ceph's authentication scheme can be used with Manila.

In addition, the direction of future work will be described, including how the driver can be extended to provide an NFS share service based on CephFS, and how this work would integrate with VSOCK-based hypervisor-mediated filesystem access.


What can I expect to learn?

Attendees will learn:

 * What the CephFS Manila driver is, and how it works.

 * How they can set up a CephFS/Manila deployment themselves

 * The caveats and limitations of the initial CephFS driver

 * What feature developments they can look for in CephFS/Manila in the future

Tuesday, April 26, 5:30pm-6:10pm (10:30pm - 11:10pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Red Hat
John is a developer at Red Hat, based in Edinburgh, Scotland.  He works on the Ceph storage system, especially the CephFS filesystem component and its integration with other systems. FULL PROFILE