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Company Profile: ZeroStack

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Information Technology


ZeroStack uses intelligent software to deliver a self-driving, fully integrated private cloud platform that offers the agility and simplicity of public cloud with the control, security, and performance of a private cloud at a fraction of the cost. We leverage advances in distributed computing, computer science and AI to self-manage your on-premises cloud coupled with a Software-as-service (SaaS) portal to handle management and operations with complete health monitoring and predictive analytics.

Contributions To OpenStack From ZeroStack

 1. Talks from OpenStack Summit Tokyo where our learnings on how to use OpenStack components to address use cases common in Enterprise IT today were shared:

- "Reliable OpenStack - Designing for Availability and Enterprise Readiness"

- "Tapping into OpenStack's Notification System"


2. Tools to bridge the OpenStack and Go communities such as a Golang-based library for RabbitMQ that will ease the burden of parsing OpenStack notifications for event processing.


3. Design solution for Contol plane architectures - talk at the OpenStack Summit Boston

Products & Services

ZeroStack uses a core set of OpenStack components (e.g. Nova, Glance, Cinder, Neutron, Heat, Keystone, etc.) to provide services such as compute, storage, networking, orchestration, and authentication services. The ZeroStack Cloud Platform seamlessly integrates into existing environments using 100% OpenStack APIs.

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