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Company Profile: Ormuco

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Ormuco is transforming cloud computing through its intelligent cloud orchestration software, Ormuco Stack. Ormuco Stack leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning and end-to-end automation to deliver a multi-cloud management platform that self-heals, repairs, troubleshoots and prevents issues before they can impact users. 
Service providers, enterprises and DevOps teams using Ormuco Stack reap the benefits of better economics, enhanced agility, streamlined operations and a world-class customer experience. 
Ormuco Stack is available through a global partner ecosystem to facilitate both local data requirements as well as the security and scaling needs of global companies.


Contributions To OpenStack From Ormuco

Ormuco’s solution leverages the core Compute, Networking, and Storage components of OpenStack, in addition to more advanced projects like Octavia (Load Balancing), Heat (Autoscaling), Designate (DNS), and others.

Products & Services


Private Cloud

Public Cloud

IaaS: dedicated and virtual servers

PaaS: simple to use APIs

Storage (Block and Object)

Containers (Docker)

Network & Private Networking

Load Balancers


Security Groups


DNS as a Service

VPN as a Service

Keypairs and Disk Images


For More Information

Please contact us at Breno Lima <[email protected]>