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Company Profile: JITStack

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JITStack is a consultant company by using open-source technologies,which is committed to helping others to build self-owned infrastructure platform. We always make open-source excellence, and share rich experience to others through professional service and high quality products.

Contributions To OpenStack From JITStack

OpenStack is the core of our products and services, so we absolutely make OpenStack excellence while developing products and delivering services to others. So far Our products(JITStack DataCenter)help SAIC who chose OpenStack as its solution to build the largest Internet of Things data center in China's manufacturing industry.

Products & Services

We released an OpenStack-based software with independent intellectual property rights, named JITStack Enterprise, which is developed by using native OpenStack, Ceph and some other open-sources. We’re still working on it for new function, performance improvement and bug fixes.

Also, we deliver OpenStack-based services, like development, deployment and maintenance, to others who are interested in native OpenStack, such as SAIC, Yum China etc.

For More Information

Please contact us at [email protected]