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Company Profile: FalconStor

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Software Defined Storage Infrastructure


FalconStor® Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: FALC) is a leading software-defined storage company offering a converged data services software platform that is hardware agnostic.  Our open, integrated flagship solution FreeStor™ reduces vendor lock-in and gives enterprises the freedom to choose the applications and hardware components that make the best sense for their business.  We empower organizations to modernize their data center with the right performance, in the right location, all while protecting existing investments.  FalconStor’s mission is to maximize data availability and system uptime to ensure nonstop business productivity while simplifying data management to reduce operational costs.  Our award-winning solutions are available and supported worldwide by OEMs as well as leading service providers, system integrators, resellers and FalconStor.  The company is headquartered in Melville, N.Y. with offices throughout Europe and the Asia Pacific region. 

Contributions To OpenStack From FalconStor

The FalconStor Cinder driver for openstack opens the door for the openstack workloads to take advantage of the data sevices capabilities we offers:

-          - Crash Consistent Snapshots (currently not available in openstack)

-          - Replication to local and remote sites

-          - Mirroring capabilities

-          - Snapshot and cloning

-          - Intelligent backup/restore services, including bakcing up to a third party cloud


We also offer a true software defined storage echo system for openstack to not only take advantage of the economics of commodity hardware, but also being able to have a mix of hardware platforms (brand and commodity) in order to take advantage of their diverse capabilities.

Products & Services

FreeStor sets your data free with a unique data services architecture that works across storage infrastructures - regardless of platform, type, or vendor - all at a single price, for a world of new storage opportunities. FreeStor allows IT managers to maximize efficiencies and reduce costs. Take advantage of cloud, hybrid/cloud, SDS and Flash storage –without having to invest in new technology or rip and replace. Always-on availability and continuity keeps business running, while you move, synchronize and protect data seamlessly across virtual and physical platforms. FreeStor provides unified data services, using its groundbreaking Intelligent Abstraction layer and OpenStack Integration.