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Company Profile: Cleversafe

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Enterprise Storage Software


Cleversafe, the web-scale storage market share leader, delivers a breakthrough private cloud software platform that solves petabyte-and-beyond storage challenges. Relied upon by the world’s largest data repositories, Cleversafe reduces 80 percent or more of storage costs while providing carrier-grade security, 15 nines of reliability and simplified storage management.

Contributions To OpenStack From Cleversafe

Cleversafe will actively participate in technical committees that are working to define and refine the Swift protocol to make improvements and make the interface more usable for customers and applications.  Cleversafe will contribute Java and Python reference implementations to the Swift code base.   In addition, Cleversafe will participate in other storage projects (Cinder, Manila) as appropriate.

Products & Services

Cleversafe builds and delivers a web-scale storage software platform that is designed to run on industry standard hardware, scale to Petabytes and beyond which provides a Swift compatible API for customer applications to use as an object storage platform.  In addition, a Cleversafe solution can use the Keystone identity management service for user authentication.