Vancouver, BC
May 21-24, 2018

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Rodolfo Pacheco

Rodolfo Pacheco works at AT&T designing an architecting the cloud platform's. 

Currently Architecting Airship 2.0 ( Airship, and leading the design and architecture for support for CNF's and Container MultiTenancy in the Network Cloud platform, and its implications for the  Airship project.

Airship 1.0 is the  reference architecture for automated cloud provisioning and management, leveraging a collection of interoperable open-source tools.

As a  Cloud Architect I helped  build the AT&T AIC OpenStack Cloud. The foundational platform for AT&T’s Network On Demand platform.  Prior to that, I  was the code Developer and Architect for the AT&T Netbond service. 

I am also leading design and architecture for AT&T Edge Cloud use cases,  and was a participant of the original Akraino Foundation design.