Vancouver, BC
May 21-24, 2018

Speaker Details

Xinhui Li
Staff II Engineer of VMware

Xinhui Li is senior architect of VMware and leads the team working on NFV product development and integration with open ecosystem. She serves as ONAP TSC (Technique Steering Committee) member representing VMware and served as OPENO TSC representative. She has led the team of Multi-Cloud project as the PTL (Project Technique Leader) and delivered ONAP Amsterdam and Beijing releases. She is also contributing to ETSI 5G Multi-access Edge Computing as ISG member. Besides NFV product development/integration, she serves as a core reviewer of OpenStack community since 2015. She majors at Distributed Computing with 14 global patents, 3 industry white papers, and 6 academy papers in international PIC top/target leveled journals/conferences.