Vancouver, BC
May 21-24, 2018

Speaker Details

Kris Nova
Senior Developer Advocate, Heptio

I believe in open source software and writing software to manage infrastructure.

Creator of kubicorn and the amazing community around it.

Kris Nova is a Kubernetes maintainer, and is a maintainer of Kubernetes kops. She also created Kubicorn. Kris is an active participant in the community. She dreams that one day she can help make Kubernetes easy to install and manage on any cloud platform. She is looking forward to defining and solving day 3 management concerns for Kubernetes.

Kris began using Go in 2014, and is an active member in the community. Her passion for Go began with it's unmatched concurrency models, and she is just now realizing the full potential of the language with her never ending work on the kops project. She has a background in C programming, but has completely fallen in love with Go.

Kris has worked on sophisticated SaaS applications, and has helped guide teams to success in agile and kanban environments. She has built out stable and reliable applications running large amounts of data in Lambda environments with scala. She has also built out reliable containerized applications using Go. She has been intimately involved with virtualization since dogfooding SolidFire storage arrays on premise with VMware and Xen, to switching over to cloud based containerized applications with Docker and Kubernetes.

If there is one thing Kris knows, it's how to design, and run a rock solid web application.

Kris is openly transgender as well as a lesbian in the public. LGBTQ rights and equality is something deeply important to her. She thinks it's important to be out and be yourself, and hopes she has an opportunity to inspire others to do the same.