Vancouver, BC
May 21-24, 2018

Speaker Details

Giovanni Merlino

Prof. Giovanni Merlino Ph.D. is currently tenure-track Assistant Professor in Computer Engineering at the Department of Engineering, University of Messina (UniMe). He holds an international PhD degree in Computer and Telecommunications Engineering from the Department of Engineering (DIEEI) at the University of Catania.

His research activity is currently focused on mobile and distributed systems with particular emphasis on Cloud paradigms, Edge computing, Internet of Things, Network Virtualization, Smart sensors, and crowdsensing, co-leading the design of Stack4Things, an OpenStack-based Sensing-and-Actuation-as-a-Service framework for I/Oclouds, co-authoring over 100 papers in international journals and conferences, participating in technical program committees of international conferences, as well as spearheading efforts for an official and crowdfunded research initiative (#SmartME) to deploy and operate an experimental Smart City testbed in Messina.

He has been elected National Secretary of the italian Association of Fixed-Term Researchers (ARTeD) in 2022.
He is co-founder of smartme.IO (, an academic spin-off company.
He is co-inventor and holder of an Italian patent.
He is IEEE/ACM member.