Vancouver, BC
May 21-24, 2018

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StarlingX: cloud infrastructure for high-performance, low latency applications



Ian Jolliffe, Brent Rowsell and Dean Troyer will provide a deep dive of the StarlingX architecture and features.  We will discuss the status of the code base today and some of the things we believe are on the to-do list.  We hope to engage the community in a conversation on how to integrate fully into the OpenStack community and ecosystem.

StarlingX is open source software that provides cloud infrastructure for the most demanding applications in edge, industrial IOT, and telecom use cases. It is based on code contributed by Intel and Wind River and combines components of its own with leading open source projects such as OpenStack, Ceph and OVS.

Based on five generations of production software, this seed code will be the base for future fully open source implementations that can be productized. In addition to standard cloud functionality, the project components provide fault management and service management amongst others to ensure high availability of user applications.

The code release is in process and available under the Apache 2 license.


Tuesday, May 22, 1:50pm-2:30pm (8:50pm - 9:30pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: N/A
PTL for OpenStackClient, Sr Cloud Software Eng
Dean Troyer is a full-time OpenStack developer, working with Intel's Open Source Technology Center.  His current focus is on enabling the StarlingX community and he serves on the StarlingX Technical Steering Committee.   He is also the founder and PTL of the OpenStackClient project and in addition is a core reviewer for the OpenStack SDK, cliff and DevStack projects.  He is a former member... FULL PROFILE
Principal Architect Titanium Cloud, Wind River Systems
Principle Technologist for Wind River’s Titanium Cloud product. Brent has 25+ years of experience in the Telecom industry developing high availability, high performance platforms and has been working with Openstack since 2013. Brent is a member of the StarlingX Technical Steering Committee FULL PROFILE
StarlingX TSC member, Cloud Architect
  Ian has experience in Telecom, Industrial verticals and has been contributing to Openstack since 2013.  He is most active these days in defining solutions that take cloud technologies and compute resources to the Edge.  Ian is a committer on the OPNFV high availability project, contributor to Akraino and a member of the StarlingX Technical Steering Committee.... FULL PROFILE