Vancouver, BC
May 21-24, 2018

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Moving to the Edge with NFV

NFV (Network Function Virtualization) once predominantly viewed as a Data Center paradigm is spreading far and wide across a Service Provider’s vast landscape. Several factors such as footprint, location, availability, throughput, latency and performance are driving a broad set of varied requirements. At the same time, a subset of these requirements are driving consistency and commonalities with respect to deployment, operations and connectivity.


In this session, come join us to learn about the shape and form of NFV deployments that are evolving in an SP environment. As NFV clouds are formed in an SP’s environment, what options can be considered to drive consistency and commonalities? Are there ways to leverage the vast footprint of an SP to enable availability and resiliency of services? As NFV penetrates into the depths of an SP environment, is Edge truly a single specific location?

Tuesday, May 22, 11:50am-12:30pm
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Cisco Systems Inc
Naren Narendra is a Senior Product Line Manager in Cisco’s Cloud Platform and Solutions Group. He has held various engineering and product management roles at Cisco. He is responsible for strategy and roadmap for Cisco Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure (NFVI) & SP/Telco Multicloud at Cisco. Naren works closely with customers worldwide enabling them to successfully... FULL PROFILE
Charter Communications, Principal Engineer
Jeffrey Saelens is a Principal Engineer on Charter Communications’ Advanced Commercial Engineering team. He currently focuses on Platform and Cloud design and development. Starting his career in the US Army, Jeffrey was a Green Beret focused on communications and systems engineering. After leaving the military, he dove into the service provider world with experience on both the vendor and... FULL PROFILE