Vancouver, BC
May 21-24, 2018

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Look Mom - No Patches in our Blazing Fast and Smart Telco Cloud

OpenStack for Telco NFV Cloud deployment is rapidly gaining momentum, however Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) are pushing the limits on the network and demanding a feature rich high performance datapath. The OpenStack, Open vSwitch and Linux communities have upstreamed open APIs for SmartNICs, enabling high-throughput low-latency datapath with minimal performance tuning and the ability to manipulate inner packet headers providing services like firewall DDoS protection, Quality of Service (QoS) marking and Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). These upstream integrated changes are emerging in stable open source distros with no custom patches and no vendor lock-in, supported by multiple SmartNIC vendors and SDN controllers. This is opening new flow processing possibilities, while freeing up expensive CPU resources for running application workloads. In this session, we demonstrate out-of-the-box fast data path functional progress and performance results achieved with OpenStack SmartNICs running VNF workloads at 10/25/50/100G, comparing vanilla OVS, OVS over DPDK and Full OVS offloads. Notably, our results run Nuage Networks Virtualized Cloud Services (SDN) on vanilla distros without kernel modifications or driver patches.

Wednesday, May 23, 11:00am-11:20am
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Nokia - Nuage Networks
Mark Iskra is a technical marketing expert for Nokia’s Nuage Networks with a core focus on virtual network performance and NFV for OpenStack. Mark’s vision is to broaden the horizon of SDN at Nuage Networks by working closely with strategic partners bringing disruptive technology to OpenStack.  In addition to his background in SDN and virtual networking, Mark draws from broad... FULL PROFILE
Red Hat Inc
Anita Tragler is Technical Product Manager for Networking and NFV at Red Hat. She has over 15 years experience in the networking industry designing solutions for Telco/Service Providers and large scale Enterprises. After graduating with a Masters degree in Computer Engineering, she has worked on multiple technologies including VoIP, MPLS VPNs, Multicast VPNs, SDN with ODL/PCE and accelerating... FULL PROFILE
Mellanox Technologies, Inc., Senior Director, Cloud Marketing
Ash is a Senior Director of Cloud Marketing at Mellanox. He leads market strategy, product & solution marketing, and ecosystem development for cloud service provider and telco cloud markets. Ash is an accomplished hi-tech industry leader, who is focused on the intersection of technology, products, and markets. He has deep experience in building and marketing high impact, fast revenue... FULL PROFILE