Vancouver, BC
May 21-24, 2018

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Users / Operators adoption of QA tools / plugins

QA team missions is to make test frameworks (Tempest, Patrole etc) as portable as possible. They should be able to run against any OpenStack cloud.

Many tools hosted by the QA program are suitable for consumption in downstream CI systems and possibly other use cases as well. Many QA tools have plugin mechanism and it is good to know whether they fit into user requirements/expectation or not.

Since QA is not included in the user survey, we'd like to use the forum as an opportunity to reach out to people in the Users and Operators community that use OpenStack QA tools and learn

  • How they are being used
  • What we could do better
  • What other QA tools or type of tests exists downstream that the whole community could benefit from.
Monday, May 21, 1:30pm-2:10pm (8:30pm - 9:10pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: N/A
Ghanshyam is currently serving as a member of the OpenStack Technical Committee and as PTL of OpenStack QA. He is a full-time upstream developer in OpenStack with an active contribution in many projects mainly in Nova, QA, etc. He has worked in different domains like Avionics, Storage, Cloud, and Virtualization, etc. He started his Software career as a software developer in the Avionic domain... FULL PROFILE