Vancouver, BC
May 21-24, 2018

Event Details

Docs/i18n - Project Onboarding
Project Onboarding gives attendees a chance to meet some of the project team and get to know the project. Attendees will learn about the project itself, the code structure/ overall architecture, etc, and places where contribution is needed. Attendees will also get to know some of the core contributors and other established community members.
Ideally, attendees will know/ have completed the basics of contribution (i.e. irc, gerrit, Launchpad, StoryBoard, Foundation Membership) BEFORE attending the session. All of this can be done through our Contributor Guide[1].


Monday, May 21, 1:30pm-2:10pm
Difficulty Level: N/A
Deutsche Telekom AG
Frank Kloeker works at Deutsche Telekom as a Technology Manager for cloud applications. He is experienced in Cloud for 8 years, IT for 22 years and 32 years for Operations. His active time in OpenStack Community began in 2015. He is one of active German translators in OpenStack I18n team, and also he contributes I18n toolings with Puppet/Ansible  scripts for translation platform upgrade... FULL PROFILE
KOSSLAB, Open Frontier
Ian Y. Choi has development backgrounds with Computer Science and he is now involved in KOSSLAB (Korea Open Source Developer Center), as an open frontier (developer with open sources). He started his contributions in OpenStack Internationalization (I18n) in 2014, and he is now mainly interested in evolving OpenStack with I18n, documentation, and many OpenStack projects. He is a core reviewer in... FULL PROFILE
Red Hat
I'm a software developer working in the OpenStack team at Red Hat. I predominantly work with Nova, where I'm a core reviewer, though I've also been known to tinker with projects all over the OpenStack ecosystem. I previously worked at Intel, where I contributed to OpenStack (Nova and Neutron also) and Open vSwitch (led internal testing and validation efforts). FULL PROFILE