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Kuryr - Project Update

Project Updates cover the latest changes in the project. See what's new in the latest OpenStack release, and what you can expect to see from the project in the upcoming release.

Tuesday, May 22, 12:15pm-12:35pm
Difficulty Level: N/A
Red Hat Inc.
Daniel is a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat contributing to upstream OpenStack and RDO and Kuryr's PTL for the Rocky cycle. He's passionate about networking, development, and messing around with python and deployment tools! He holds a MSc Degree in Telecommunications from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and is a core reviewer for the interop project, as well as an active contributor to... FULL PROFILE
Core OpenStack Developer
*independent user - Unaffiliated
Maysa is a software engineer at the Federal University of Campina Grande, Brazil. She is currently researching on secure edge computing solutions in the cloud (using Kubernetes). She spent the last winter working as an Intern for Kuryr-Kubernetes, where she could add health checks to Kuryr components. FULL PROFILE