Vancouver, BC
May 21-24, 2018

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Lab as a Service: Compose Your Cloud Automatically with Few Clicks

Getting NFV Platform and numerous networking features up and running can tie you in knots, you need to make a number of decisions where each decision leads you down a path where options you may want can start to disappear. Apart from that, not everyone is lucky enough to have DC in their basement either, missing the chance to deploy production-like stack. 

So, would you like to have Ubuntu, CentOS, or openSUSE? OpenStack or Kubernetes? What about SDN Controller? Forwarding technology? We have baremetal nodes for you as well. Lab as a Service can take care of this and even more for you so you just make your selections and watch things happening automagically. In the end, your cloud will be composed, tested and delivered to your mailbox. Learn how to bypass the common roadblocks and work in a fully automated ecosystem of choice and stability thanks to Lab as a Service.

What can I expect to learn?

Networking ecosystem is going through a change and various ways of bringing up stack is already available. But most of them are far from being straightforward, making things harder for even experienced developers. Apart from that, this prevents new developers from joining and perhaps causing ecosystem to lose bright minds with brilliant ideas right at the very beginning.

This talk will give information about Lab as a Service initiative and what it aims, hopefully making contributors of open source projects and others aware of availability of this so they can focus on what really matters rather than bringing up their stack; innovation.

Wednesday, May 23, 5:30pm-6:10pm
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Ericsson Software Technology, Principal Developer
Fatih Degirmenci is a Principal Developer at Ericsson Software Technology. He is specialized in automation, CI/CD, DevOps, and Infrastructure and currently involved in several large scale CI/CD activities across Ericsson and within open source. He served in OPNFV Technical Steering Committee as committer at large representative and ledOPNFV Release Engineering Project. Before moving to his... FULL PROFILE
Jack Morgan is a Network Software Engineer in the Network Platform Group at Intel Corporation, managing the Intel OPNFV Pharos Lab. He is the PTL for the Pharos project within OPNFV and a member of the Technical Steering Committee. He has extensive Linux experience in various development, management and leadership positions. Prior to his current position, he led a Linux validation... FULL PROFILE