Vancouver, BC
May 21-24, 2018

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OpenStack with IPv6: Now you can!

It has been 30 years since IPv6 was defined as the L3 protocol for the next generation. Many enterprises, service providers, and telecommunications companies are now actively planning to migrate to IPv6 to support a variety of use cases including NFV, hosting and more. In OpenStack, we have supported it since the Cactus release, and now, in Queens we improved IPv6 support on storage services and we are closer to supporting a cloud fully operating with IPv6. However, the transition of a cloud to IPv6 is not a trivial task, as the network design change comes with its own set of challenges.

In this presentation, we will give an introduction to IPv6, showing what has changed in comparison to IPv4, focusing on its advantages and how it affects OpenStack. We will also show tips and tricks to remember when setting up your IPv6 OpenStack cloud, a basic IPv6 network topology for OpenStack, from controllers to provisioned VMs, and a demo working with storage services, like Cinder and Manila.

What can I expect to learn?

In this presentation you will learn the differences and advantages of IPv6 over IPv4, how it interacts with OpenStack, a basic network topology for an IPv6 OpenStack cloud and the IPv6 support of storage services like Cinder and Manila.

Tuesday, May 22, 9:00am-9:40am (4:00pm - 4:40pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Beginner
OpenStack Engineer at NetApp
Tiago is a developer for Manila and Cinder since Liberty release, and currently works for NetApp as a driver developer. He has contributed with manila core features like Mountable Snapshots and DriverFilter/Goodness Weigher. He started working with OpenStack by deploying distributions and developing drivers for Cinder and Manila. FULL PROFILE
FIT - Flextronics Instituto de Tecnologia, System Analyst
 Erlon works for NetApp as driver developer, and a researcher in the field of Distributed Systems. Prior work includes being a driver developer for Hitachi from Icehouse through Ocata releases. He is focused on Cinder upstream development and has contributed with several features. He started working with OpenStack in Icehouse release by deploying OpenStack... FULL PROFILE
Red Hat Inc.
Dustin Schoenbrun is an OpenStack Quality Engineer at Red Hat and focuses on Manila and has been there for nearly three years. He has spent the last ten years working in several aspects of the technology industry including writing test plans for FCoE, contributing to reference architectures, developing software plugins, QA'ing software, to now working on OpenStack. When he's not working on... FULL PROFILE