Vancouver, BC
May 21-24, 2018

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So many features, so little time

OpenStack is a mature platform for building private clouds, and you’re in the business of selling private clouds. Along comes a customer  who asks for a new feature - and look, OpenStack already has a project that supports that feature. This will be easy, right? 

… Right?

We have learned that is not always true. Along our journey from Kilo to Pike, Jess and Deva learned some valuable lessons while attempting to implement and support many of the features our customers asked for, such as VPNaaS, DBaaS, Backup / DR, and alternative hypervisors. In this talk, we’ll cover the pitfalls we encountered while attempting to match feature requests to upstream projects, and share some advice on how you can avoid them.

What can I expect to learn?
  • Learn what to do if a project your customer "wants" isn't compatible with other issues. 
  • Tips and tricks for handling a project going away and how to avoid getting into that situation in the first place.  
  • Expert advice on how deliver the features your customers actually want. 
  • Discuss how to handle when it is time to upgrade a feature. 
Tuesday, May 22, 2:30pm-2:40pm (9:30pm - 9:40pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Sr. Project Manager
Jess Lampe has been a project manager at startups for the past 7 years. In 2017 he joined the team of Ormuco to lead the charge descreasing deployment times and automating sys admin work.  Prior to working with startups, Jess did improv theatre and lived in a yurt in Mongolia.  FULL PROFILE
Microsoft, Open Source Hacker
Aeva Black is an open source hacker and a veteran of the first dot-com bust. Today, they work in Azure’s Office of the CTO and serve the open source community as the Secretary of the Board for the Open Source Initiative and as a member of the OpenSSF’s Technical Advisory Council. When not working or speaking at conferences, Aeva enjoys exploring the Pacific Northwest on a motorcycle. FULL PROFILE