Vancouver, BC
May 21-24, 2018

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Building and Operating an Enormous OpenStack Cloud

Verizon and Oath operate enormous cloud infrastructures based on Openstack in support of their respective businesses. The talk focuses on learnings from building and operating parts of this architecture using open source technologies, and virtualizing workloads that have traditionally been appliances and physical network functions.

The architectural choices made in constructing this environment reflect a long term investment in, and a highly opinionated view of the evolution of computing trends.

The talk describes key design, architecture, deployment, organizational, and cultural considerations in making this successful.

What can I expect to learn?

When growing an OpenStack deployment (or for that matter, most infrastructure platforms), the problems one faces when scaling from "S" to "M" and "L", and the issues when scaling from "L" to "XL", "XXL", or "XXXL" are dramatically different.

It is important to realize that some choices which one makes in the S, M, or L stage of your deployment could adversely impact the options you have before you when you get to the XL, XXL or XXXL stage. Attendees will be exposed to technical and organizational considerations involved in making your deployment successful.

Oath, and Verizon operate very different infrastructures, and serve very different workloads and the attendee will get a breadth of perspectives on considerations in scaling OpenStack for their specific use-cases.

Wednesday, May 23, 4:40pm-5:20pm (11:40pm - 12:20am UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Amrith is a fellow in Verizon's cloud team that develops and operates the Verizon Cloud Platform (VCP), focusing on OpenStack and other open source activities, Database-as-a-Service for OpenStack, and working with application owners migrating workloads onto VCP. He has been involved with OpenStack for several years and has been the PTL of the Trove (DBaaS) project for multiple releases. Before... FULL PROFILE
From ticket monkey to architect, my boots have been on the ground in nearly all aspects of large scale production engineering. I'm passionate about automation, security, resiliency, and designing for scale. FULL PROFILE