Vancouver, BC
May 21-24, 2018

Event Details

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Proactive Root Cause Analysis with Vitrage, Kubernetes, Zabbix and Prometheus

Vitrage is the official OpenStack project dedicated to root cause analysis (RCA) and deduced insights into the behavior of the Cloud. Vitrage receives topology and alarms from different datasources (OpenStack and externals), combines them into one topology graph, and uses this graph to provide insights about the system health.

In this session, we will present how Vitrage can be used to deduce unrevealed problems in the system based on its topological insights and various data sources and proactively take actions to detect the root cause. These actions can include running specific health checks, executing a Mistral workflow, and more.

We will demonstrate the latest and coolest features in Vitrage, including:

  • Proactive actions to detect the root cause of failures
  • Executing Mistral workflows from Vitrage
  • Root Cause Analysis over Kubernetes clusters
  • Log change detection using Bell Labs algorithm


What can I expect to learn?

Attendees will learn how Vitrage helps the cloud operator analyze the status of the cloud by providing a holistic and complete view of the system, with advanced root cause analysis. We will demonstrate the latest and most advanced RCA abilities of Vitrage that tackle real-world problems, such as: 

  • Proactive monitoring and health checks as a result of fault detection
  • Vitrage ability to take corrective actions based on topological insights 
  • Log change detection 
  • Providing insights on Kubernetes clusters


Wednesday, May 23, 2:40pm-3:20pm (9:40pm - 10:20pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Nokia - CloudBand
Anna is a developer at CloudBand Nokia, She is currently core developer of the Vitrage project - the OpenStack RCA service for analyzing and visualizing OpenStack alarms and events. In her free time Anna likes traveling, exercise and gardening. FULL PROFILE
Developer at Nokia
I am a software engineer and an algorithm developer in Nokia. I have a Ph.D. in computational physical chemistry from the Hebrew University. I'm Interested in openstack & Kubernetes and architecture.     FULL PROFILE