Vancouver, BC
May 21-24, 2018

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Effective Kubernetes Helm engineering: OpenStack-Helm lessons learned

Kubernetes brings a variety of concepts and tools that can be used to deploy and manage resilient microservices, but it can be challenging to navigate them all from first principles.  In this talk, members of the OpenStack-Helm team will help get you to a stateless containerized architecture faster by sharing some of the technical approaches and best practices in use by the project today.

These reusable techniques, tooling, and conventions enable OpenStack-Helm to solve for flexible orchestration of complex systems of containerized services.  Real-world examples will be discussed, and Q&A is encouraged.

This presentation also serves as an introduction into what makes OpenStack-Helm tick, for those interested in leveraging or contributing to the project.

What can I expect to learn?
  • A brief overview of Kubernetes Helm and OpenStack-Helm
  • Kubernetes resource types and their usage in OpenStack-Helm
  • Effective Helm chart source structure
  • Using a chart as a template library
  • Appropriate use of ConfigMaps, Secrets, and Ingress
  • OpenStack-Helm's approach to gating (and cross-project gating)
  • Using Armada to manage complex deployments
  • An example production case from SKT
Wednesday, May 23, 11:40am-11:50am (6:40pm - 6:50pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Principal Member of Technical Staff, AT&T
Matt is a cloud engineer living in Saint Louis, Missouri.  He's participated in a number of OpenStack-related efforts in the community, and integrates this work within AT&T as part of its Network Cloud platform.    He has been working in the OpenStack community for about two and a half years; first in a supervisory capacity for AT&T -- onboarding, mentoring, and... FULL PROFILE
Senior Software Engineer, SK Telecom
I am a senior software engineer SK Telecom and one of organizer of OpenStack Korea user group and a leader of Kubernetes Korea group. I had developed many enterprise Java application systems using Java framework like Spring, Hibernate until 2011 and since then, have become a project leader of cloud infrastructure project using OpenStack since Diablo version... FULL PROFILE
SK Telecom
Jaesuk Ahn have received the Ph.D. from University of Texas at Austin in 2009. Upon the graduation, he joined Korea Telecom, and led a development team to develop openstack-based cloud platform for KT's private cloud till 2014. He joined a venture company called cloud4u at 2014 working at developing cloud tools to design, orchestrate, monitor systems on cloud environment. He, then, joined at SK... FULL PROFILE