Vancouver, BC
May 21-24, 2018

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CERN experiences with Multi Cloud, Federated Kubernetes

Using public cloud resources to cover for peak workloads is a practical and economical alternative to over provisioning on-premise resources. This is the case in environments like CERN where its large internal computing infrastructure is usually big enough but where periods prior to big international conferences or large event reconstruction campaigns see a significant spike in the amount of workloads submitted.

We describe early experiences relying on Kubernetes federations deployed and managed by OpenStack Magnum to expand the available capacity to external clouds, while still offering a single entrypoint to our users - using GKE, AKS, Amazon and other clouds. We will cover the internals of the federation integration in Magnum, and some of the issues we had (mainly networking) and how we solved them. We will present how these deployments simplify the integration with our main batch system, and how workloads running on external resources access their corresponding datasets.

What can I expect to learn?

Additional use cases where Kubernetes federations are being considered will also be covered: easing integration of new hardware deliveries into the system, setting them as a separate cluster joining the federation only when fully setup and validated; merging heterogeneous resources into one single entrypoint; offering a single entrypoint to the service while provisioning resources in different tenants, useful for accounting.

Monday, May 21, 4:20pm-5:00pm (11:20pm - 12:00am UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Computing Engineer, CERN
Ricardo Rocha is a software engineer at CERN. He's currently a member of the CERN OpenStack team, focusing on networking and and container deployments. Previous work included development of data storage, bookkeeping and monitoring services for the LHC Computing Grid (LCG). FULL PROFILE
Software Engineer
Clenimar is an MSc student at the Federal University of Campina Grande, Brazil. He is currently researching on distributed, secure batch workloads in untrusted (multi-)cloud environments. His previous experiences include internships at CERN and TU Dresden. FULL PROFILE